bouffée d'air frais

A Breath Of
Fresh Air

Maison de Juliette brings the art de vivre to a glistening city with a charming, modern and contemporary space. The menu is no exception, with dishes and desserts that are so artisanal, they’re almost too pretty to eat.


Nice to meet you

From the moment you enter Maison de Juliette, there’s no denying the feminine touch. The pink hues, plush textures, contemporary furniture pieces, creative patterns and glistening lamps are artistic and inviting.

Toi et moi

You and I

Maison de Juliette is where you’ll meet old friends and catch up over an artisanal cup of coffee. It’s where business-minded men and women discuss their goals and dreams for the future. Inspiring, calming and beautiful; the space appeals to creative and passionate individuals.

belle âme

A beautiful soul

The interiors of Maison de Juliette are a whimsical curation of contemporary, modern and Provençal pieces. It’s evident Juliette has added her personal touch to the more traditional items, reinvented them and given them new purpose. With splashes of color and patterns, the space is full of life and happiness.

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