How to eat better with Starbucks’ healthy breakfast menu

Starbucks has created a healthy breakfast lineup with several options.

Here’s a roundup of the breakfast choices.JIMMY Dean: The cereal and granola bar at breakfast is a great way to start the dayJIMMIE BERMAN: I like to start with my daily Starbucks breakfast.

JIMMI EISENBERG: I don’t get a lot of Starbucks breakfast so I like the one with the cinnamon.

BILLY BURKE: I have a lot more coffee in my life, so I’ll take a coffee, some chocolate milk, a banana and a biscuit.

BOB BURKE (voiceover): But not all coffee drinkers get a latte or two.

If you like coffee, this Starbucks breakfast bar with coffee and cream cheese is a must.BOB BURKER: I love the Starbucks chocolate milk and the coffee, but I like this one with chocolate, maple syrup and vanilla.

You can get a sweetened version for $1.79.

The chocolate milk is my favorite.

It’s really sweet.

But I’m a coffee drinker and I don:t like sweetened lattes.

It:s kind of sweet.

And the vanilla is also really nice.

You want something with a lot.

And if you don’t have the coffee for breakfast, there are lots of other choices.

BERNARD WATSON: Starbucks makes breakfast a lot easier.

You just go to a Starbucks, ask for a coffee and the barista will get you a cup.JULIANNE HARTMAN: If you’re trying to lose weight, I like a cup of coffee a day.JESSICA BERRY: If I want a nice breakfast, I go to Starbucks.

They have a ton of coffee options.BENNA RIVERA: The coffee bar is really good.

It has lots of different kinds of coffee.

The coffee is kind of soft, so it’s good for me.JOE JOHNSON: The espresso bar has coffee and a banana.

If I’m craving chocolate, I get a bar with a chocolate bar, and I get this chocolate milk.JAMES LYLE: Starbucks has breakfast, coffee, breakfast options.

This is a good breakfast option for me because I have diabetes.

But if I:re trying to get my weight down, I would rather have a coffee.

I love this coffee bar with cocoa nibs and a vanilla cup.BARBARA CARTER: Starbucks breakfast is delicious.

The cup has a lot to offer.

It tastes really good, and the cinnamon is a little bit sweet.

The breakfast bar has sugar, coffee and milk.

If we had a chocolate milk instead of chocolate, that would be even better.

JASON STEELE: I would get the Starbucks coffee bar and a cup, but the chocolate milk will definitely be my favorite!BENJAMIN DURANT: I really like the coffee and tea.

The tea is really nice, and it has sugar.

JOE STEELEY: I can get one with a cup and a cinnamon.

I get the vanilla cup for $3.99.

This coffee bar has a big selection of coffee and has the best price.

It is very easy to get.

JERRY JONES: This is my go-to coffee.

It makes my morning coffee taste better.

It contains caffeine, so you get the most caffeine from that coffee.BRIAN WOODRUFF: Starbucks is my best source for breakfast and coffee.

This breakfast bar is very sweet and the milk is very rich.

It doesn’t taste like coffee.

And you get chocolate and sugar in the cup.

It adds a lot, but it is good.JOHANNA BUNNENSTEIN: Starbucks does have a few breakfast options, but they are really sweet and not as tasty as the chocolate bar.

JAMES JONES (voice over): It is not a healthy choice.

If Starbucks had a healthy, fresh breakfast option, I’d get it.

JEFF RICHARDSON: Starbucks really makes it easy to lose some weight.

It offers breakfast with milk, coffee or tea, but not sweetened beverages like milk, soda or iced tea.BARRY BROWN: I think this is my preferred coffee bar.

It just has lots and lots of sugar in it.

If there is one thing that Starbucks really has going for it, it is that it is so simple to make.

It does have lots of options.

I can find it for $2.99 at any Starbucks location.

I have no complaints.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: Starbucks coffee is always fresh, and that’s good.

The milk is a nice soft taste, so that’s nice.

The cinnamon is really sweet, and there are a lot sugar options, too.

JOSH TANAKA: Starbucks keeps a good variety of breakfast options at breakfast,