Which new Italian team are you looking forward to the most in the 2019/20 season?

With the season about to start, it’s time to look back at some of the most exciting Italian sides in recent years.

This season’s contenders for most exciting are all here and we can look forward to seeing them compete in some of Europe’s biggest games.

First up, the two new Serie A sides that have been attracting huge crowds to their games, Roma and Genoa.

The latter, a team which has been very successful in the last few years, is currently at the top of the Serie A table and they are the only team from the current top four who can really be considered a real threat in the Champions League this season.

Roma, who have won the last four Serie A titles, have a new coach, Roberto Di Matteo, and are currently in a very good position.

Roma are currently second in the table, but their rivals, Genoa, are still in a similar position to Roma and are still looking for their first win of the season.

In fact, the former two teams, which were also in the top four of Serie A last season, have the same number of points as they did last season.

They also have a lot more points than Roma but the difference in goals per game is very small.

If you combine all the stats above, you will see that Genoa have a better goal differential than Roma.

Genoa also have more wins than Roma, but they also have less points per game.

They still have a very difficult task ahead of them in the race for the Serie B title, which they would like to secure.

Genoese boss, Domenico Berardi, is a big admirer of Roma and will have a great team to work with.

They have a squad of the best players in the world, including two of the world’s best midfielders, Marco Verratti and Paulo Dybala, and they also brought in one of the finest attacking talents in the game, Gonzalo Higuain.

Their attacking style will suit Genoa’s players very well, and this is a team that will try to put together a very entertaining game against a very experienced Roma side.

Roma will have the task of defeating Genoa in the opening round of the Champions Leagues.

Roma will also have to face one of their rivals at the San Siro, Atalanta.

This will be their first match of the competition and they will have their work cut out.

Roma have a few players who are not available for the upcoming international break, but this should not stop them from playing their best football.

Rome will also face Atalante, a club who have been very active in the transfer market this summer.

They were able to sign some very good players, including Gonzalo Zapata and Marco Materazzi, and have also managed to secure a new signing, Andrea Pirlo.

They are not the only side who can be counted on to do well against Roma.

Roma’s big problem this season will be keeping the ball.

If they can’t get possession, they will be in trouble.

Rosenborg, a new team in the Europa League, are currently third in the league table and will hope to do some damage in the final round.

The new manager, Stefan Stokker, is very well known for his ability to win matches and he is a good coach.

Rosenborg have some very promising young players, with a new striker in Jakub Stępiela.

They will have to look for a big performance in the first leg, but there are plenty of talented players who can help them to get there.

Rudas has a very promising team to play against in the next round, but it will be hard to beat them at the moment.

Roma and Atalantas teams are quite similar, but the Roma side have the better goals against average, and will be looking to do more damage in front of goal.

Rüdas are not in the best position to take advantage of the quality of the opponents, but if they can get goals, they can have a decent chance of making the final.

Rugby will have some exciting new faces on the pitch this season, with the likes of Dan Carter and David Havili both making their debuts for the national team.

Carter was a star at Rugby World Cup 2016, but he will be trying to make an impact this season in the national side.

Havili, a former England international, is expected to be the starting fullback for the All Blacks this season and he will need to be ready for the challenge.

He will be a major factor in the All Black attack and will need his team-mates to work hard and to make the most of their opportunities.

This is a new season for the most important club in Italy, the Scudetto, with Inter and Inter Milan in the same division.

Scudetti is one of Italy’s most prestigious leagues and is where most