Germany and Germany – A breakfast hotspot

German officials say they have solved a baffling mystery over how a small family of four could survive without any electricity for four days.

In the northern city of Nuremberg, police officers say the four-year-old and two-year old children had breakfast hot pocket sandwiches and hot drinks in their car.

The authorities say the children are being kept in isolation and the parents are staying in the same hotel as the other two children.

Police chief Andreas Schönlein told the local broadcaster RBB that the kids had eaten their lunch on Monday morning.

“We are very happy, the children were fed breakfast and hot-fries,” he said.

“The police are not sure if it’s a coincidence, a mistake or the parents were too busy for their own good.

The police have not yet given us a definite answer to this question.”

German media said police have identified the two-week-old child who has been kept in a room alone with the two other children.

Authorities said they were looking into the cause of the food poisoning.

The BBC’s Katya Adler in Berlin says that despite the family’s being on an island in the ocean, they were still on a small island when the food was contaminated.

We spoke to an expert in the field of food poisoning, Dr Jörg Büttner, who said there is no safe limit for the amount of food a person can eat.

“It depends on the age, the sex and the amount and frequency of consumption,” he told the BBC.

“It depends how much food the individual is eating and the type of food they are consuming.”

In an earlier report, the BBC said authorities had asked for help in finding the children’s father, who had also been taken to hospital with a stomach infection.

Mr Schönle said he hoped to have an answer by Tuesday.

“In the meantime, the parents of the children have to stay on their own,” he added.

“Our focus is now on the children, not on their father.”