Panera burrito is closing at 9 a.m., no breakfast burritos

Panera Burrito has closed its doors at 9:30 a., starting at noon.

No breakfast burries have been made at the chain’s flagship in the Bay Area.

In an emailed statement, Panera said, “We are not closing our doors to our customers.

Our goal is to be a family-owned business, and we are not happy to see the Panera brand going to a company that doesn’t have a strong family-operated presence.

We’re grateful for the Paneras loyal fans who continue to show us love and support.”

The chain will continue to offer breakfast burros, which are served with breakfast-type sandwiches and salads.

The burrito has long been one of Panera’s most popular breakfast items.

Earlier this week, Panera announced that it was shutting down the company’s breakfast business, saying it was focused on the growth of its core business, which includes the Panestar and the Panorama.

The chain said the closure would affect more than 1,000 employees, as well as those who work in the hospitality, retail, restaurants and food services sectors.