Why breakfast is back on the menu

WASHINGTON — Breakfast is back at Wendy’s, with a new breakfast menu that’s not only healthier but more fun.

Wendy’s breakfast cakes and cookies have returned, along with the new breakfast burger, and they’re now available for breakfast in stores and online.

And you can also try their delicious breakfast biscuits.

“It’s a big deal,” said Wendy’s spokeswoman Karen Hoch.

“I’m really excited about it.

I love the fact that it’s new and fun.”

The new breakfast sandwiches include a crispy fried egg roll, a fried egg, sausage and cheese bacon hash and the most decadent breakfast biscuit ever.

The breakfast sandwich includes bacon, egg, egg white, cheese and sausage, and the sausage is made with a fried sausage.

The bacon hash is made of crispy bacon, and it’s topped with melted cheese and topped with bacon.

The biscuit is made from the biscuit, fried egg and melted cheese.

Wendy has also added a bacon hash to the biscuits and hash, and bacon is a staple in the breakfast menu.

The biscuits also include eggs, scrambled eggs, bacon hash, eggs and toast, and cheese, bacon, sausage, sausage crackers, scrambled egg, hash, toast and biscuits.

A bacon and cheese breakfast sandwich is available for $7.99.

Wendy says the new morning breakfast menu is available in a variety of locations, including the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and is available online at www.wendys.com.

It is not yet known how many locations Wendy’s has in the U: about 300 nationwide.

But, Wendy’s says it has about 150 locations across the country.

“In order to serve our customers the best breakfast experience possible, Wendy has decided to return breakfast to our breakfast menu in 2017,” said the company in a statement.

“We are excited to offer a fresh, delicious breakfast menu this holiday season.

Our breakfast menu features fresh ingredients and fresh, healthy options that are not only delicious but are more fun.”

Hoch says the breakfast is available to Wendy’s customers at select locations and online at wendysprings.com and in store at Wendys.com/breakfast.

“Our goal is to serve the best food, the freshest ingredients and our customers will love it,” Hoch said.

Wendy said that it is offering the breakfast on the same day it launches the breakfast burger in January.

The new burger is called The Biscuit and Bacon Hash.

The Bancher and Cheese Breakfast Burger comes in a large, greasy bun with a crispy bacon hash.

“This breakfast is the ultimate breakfast and the Biscuits and Bacon are a huge hit,” said Hoch, who said Wendy also will offer the breakfast breakfast in a limited number of locations.

“The Biscuts are a big hit in breakfast and we’re going to continue to do that.”

The Breakfast Burger has a medium-rare quality, and will be available in the first four months of 2017.

Wendy is also rolling out a new brunch meal that includes a fried chicken biscuit and hash and bacon hash hash with a biscuit.

It will be served from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and will cost $20.

“You can also have the breakfast burrito, a breakfast burritos that includes breakfast sandwiches and eggs and cheese,” Hock said.

“There are also breakfast wraps.

It’s a really good breakfast, and we hope everyone is on board with it.”

Wendy’s said it will also be expanding its breakfast menu to include a new lunch and dinner meal.

Wendy also is adding a breakfast sandwich and breakfast biscuits to the breakfast menus, and its breakfast coffee will be a breakfast option.

Wendy was first introduced to breakfast in the 1950s, when it introduced the first breakfast breakfast, served on a plate with a buttery egg and bacon patty.

The company now sells more than 200 breakfast sandwiches, breakfast biscuits and breakfast cakes, and more than 50 breakfast items in restaurants around the country, including Wendy’s in Las Vegas.

Wendy and Wendy’s first breakfast sandwich, the Breakfast Sandwich, was introduced in 1950.

Wendy opened a second breakfast restaurant, The Bistro, in 1962.