I just found this recipe to make breakfast muffins with an awesome bacon-wrapped version of bacon. Here’s the story…

This bacon-covered breakfast muffins recipe is a staple in my kitchen.

I’ve made them several times, often with a mixture of bacon and bacon-based eggs.

These bacon-bacon-egg muffins are so easy to make that they’re even better when they’re topped with a homemade bacon-cheddar-chicken-cheese breakfast sausage.

The recipe is simple to assemble, and you can customize the toppings of the bacon-bread crumbs and bacon spread to your taste by adding your favorite toppings.

I made these breakfast muffons and topped them with a bacon-cheeseburger sausage, but you can make them as a regular breakfast sausage too.

These breakfast muffens are a great way to start a weeknight, and they’re also perfect for a holiday or a quick breakfast of your own.

If you’re a bacon lover, you’ll love these breakfast muffs.