Which NFL breakfast essentials are you missing?

The National Football League is celebrating the birthday of the NFL’s signature breakfast staple, with fans participating in an online contest to get a free carnation.

The league announced Monday morning that the winning entries will be given away to NFL employees and fans at the NFL Hall of Fame Museum in Canton, Ohio.

The winning entries have to include the following:• Carnation Breakfast: Two slices of bread with no cream, no cheese, no butter and no sugar.• Carnations for breakfast: Creamy scrambled eggs, bacon, bacon slices, and bacon, egg and cheese muffins.• Eggs and ham: Creamed scrambled eggs with cream, butter, cheese, and ham.• Breakfast cereal: Cornbread, brownies, muffins, and toast.

The contest is being run by the NFL Foundation and sponsored by American Beverage Corp. The NFL Foundation also sponsored the first NFL Breakfast contest in 2011, which was hosted by McDonalds.

The contest was sponsored by McDonald’s, which sold 1,000,000 free carnations.

The carnations have been the league’s go-to breakfast staple for more than a decade.

In 2016, the NFL gave away more than 2 million free carnits to NFL staffers and fans.

This year, the winning carnations will be distributed at the museum.

“The National Football Association is thrilled to celebrate the birthday on September 25 of the National Football Breakfast, which is an iconic meal in the NFL tradition,” NFL Foundation President and CEO Steve Hargrove said in a statement.

“As the NFL continues to embrace the breakfast community, we hope that fans can participate in this year’s contest and enjoy a delicious carnation.”

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