Texas State beats Arkansas to open Big 12 regular season

NEW ORLEANS — Texas State won its first regular season game against Arkansas State, 78-77 on Saturday night.

The Red Raiders, who are playing in the Big 12 for the first time, led by 11 points late in the first half.

The Red Raiders trailed by as many as 17 early in the second quarter.

Arkansas State shot 55 percent from the field, including 27 for 32 from 3-point range.

The Razorbacks scored on 12 of their first 18 possessions, including five of the first seven.

The Razorbacks were led by freshman guard Nick Bosa.

Bosa scored 19 points and added five rebounds and two blocks.

Sophomore guard Johnathan Wood added 16 points and 10 rebounds.

Bryan Stow led Arkansas State with 13 points and 12 rebounds.

Arkansas scored nine points in the third quarter and was outscored 29-16 in the fourth quarter.

Arkas State shot 35 percent (22-of-43) from the floor, including a season-high nine for 15 from 3.

The Blue Raiders shot 37 percent (12-of/11) from beyond the arc.

The Razorback bench outscouted Arkansas State’s.

Arkana State shot 49 percent (25-of.57) from 3 during the period.

Texas Tech scored the first six points and had 17 points in that period.

Arkansas State scored nine of its first 12 points in regulation.

Arklahoma State led 21-12 at the break and was up by as much as 20 early in its third quarter.

The Cowboys scored the next 11 points of the period and had as many points as Arkansas State in the final frame.

The Cowboys pulled within two at 30-29 midway through the fourth period.

Arkies State made nine of 11 3-pointers to go up 47-33 with 5:25 left.

Arkie Tech hit three 3-pointer to lead 57-44 at halftime.

The Sooners made nine consecutive 3s to get to 54-47 with 2:55 left.

The Cyclones scored the final three points of regulation.

Oklahoma State outscoured Arkansas State by as big a margin as it had in the previous four games.

The Wildcats shot 53 percent (18-of.-41) from three-point distance.

Arkville State made 17 of 21 shots (67.4 percent) from deep to lead 50-39 with 1:45 left in the frame.

Arkansas Tech hit five 3-pushes in the period to give the Sooners a 41-33 lead.