Waffle House is expanding their breakfast menu with the launch of a new breakfast at Tiff’s restaurant

Posted December 17, 2018 07:05:11It seems like every couple of weeks the Waffle Houses in Chicago, IL will expand their breakfast offerings to cater to more customers.

Today Tiff’s in Chicago announced a new WaffleHouse Breakfast Menu, which includes eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs Benedict and a variety of other breakfast items.

The Waffle house breakfast menu is available at all of their locations, starting with the flagship location at 1550 W. Irving Park Road, where you can find the Breakfast Benedict on the menu.

Tiff’s Breakfast menu includes breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos, as well as salads and fruit salads.

You can find breakfast items like scrambled eggs, egg Benedict, eggs Benedict with cheese, egg whites and a few more options.

The breakfast menu includes brunch items like eggs Benedict breakfast sandwiches, eggs, breakfast burrito and breakfast sandwiches.

It also has breakfast eggs, eggs and eggs Benedict.

For those who have never been to Tiff’s, you can enjoy a breakfast at any of their stores, or try the breakfast buffet that includes pancakes, waffles and other breakfast foods.

Tiffin’s breakfast menu features breakfast sandwiches including egg, eggs & eggs,eggs, egg, egg & eggs Benedict sandwich, eggs&eggs breakfast burro, eggs sandwich, egg sandwiches and egg &eggs waffles.

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