When the breakfast sandwich maker is a breakfast destination, the breakfast club is born

A coffee shop and a bakery are the only two locations in Houston that offer breakfast sandwiches.

Now the city is considering adding a breakfast club as well.

A new development at Houston’s first coffee shop, the Breakfast Club, would be a first for the city.

The project, dubbed the Coffee Club, is being led by the Houston-based company Urbanist Group, which recently opened a restaurant in downtown Dallas and plans to build a restaurant at a new building in Houston, the Houston Chronicle reported on Friday.

The new development would be called the Coffee Shop and would be located at 1033 Texas Ave.


The site of the former Lunch Bar at 11th and Lamar, the Coffee Bar would offer breakfast and lunch sandwiches, coffee and tea, breakfast tacos and drinks.

The cafe would offer an array of specialty drinks including coffee, tea, coffee, lemonade, iced tea, lemonades, and iced lemonade.

The Coffee Club would be similar to the Breakfast House concept that is now open in Dallas.

But unlike the Lunch Bar, the new location would be open 365 days a year.

The coffee shop would offer a full breakfast menu, as well as an iced breakfast menu.

A menu would be developed with options such as iced coffee, ices, and lattes, according to Urbanist.

The coffee shop could offer breakfast specials and snacks as well, the Chronicle reported.

The breakfast menu will be based on the Breakfast Cafe concept that was first introduced in Dallas, but with the addition of a café, it will be the first such breakfast restaurant in the U.S.

Urbanist also said that it will open an ice cream shop next door to the Coffee Cafe, with plans to add an icer to the menu, according the Chronicle.

The Breakfast Club is a partnership between Urbanist and Houston’s Coffee Club.

Urbanist will also develop and market the Coffee House and the Coffee and Tea Room.

The cafe and bakery will serve breakfast sandwiches, and the café and bakery would also offer breakfast drinks.

According to the Houston Post, Urbanist is also developing the first phase of the new restaurant at the Houston Farmers Market.

The project would include a cafe, a bakery and an espresso bar.

The Food and Beverage Market is one of the busiest food and beverage events in the world.

It has more than 1,500 vendors and a variety of food and drink products.

The Houston Chronicle said that the new project could open as soon as next month.