When you’re on the go, eat breakfast at McDonalds – in India

The Indian fast food giant is celebrating a healthy breakfast with its first-ever breakfast club in the country.

It’s also selling a breakfast menu of healthy snacks at the outlet that is located in the heart of the city of Hyderabad.

The club, which has a total of four outlets across Hyderabad, was started by CEO Ravi Bhardwaj last year to promote a healthy lifestyle and the club is expected to hit its first store in Hyderabad by September, according to the chain.

The breakfast club will include three different items of breakfast: a bagel, chicken korma and a salad.

The bagel is made from whole wheat flour and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s taste and taste preferences, Bhardvaj said.

The chicken koira comes in six different flavors and comes with a choice of bread, rice, vegetables, fruit or chicken.

The salad is made of chicken, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, cucumbers and a creamy dressing.

The other two items of the breakfast menu are the breakfast buffet and a hot meal.

The hot meal is made with rice, chicken and chicken and rice.

Bhardvai said that the club will offer free lunch on the first day.

The franchisee has set a price of Rs 500 per person for the breakfast club and Rs 300 for the other items of its breakfast menu, according for the website of the Hyderabad-based company.

(With inputs from Reuters)