What you need to know about Wendy’s breakfast menu

The breakfast menu at Wendy’s is packed with breakfast foods.

But there are some dishes that you won’t find on the menu at the fast food giant.

The restaurant chain is known for its breakfast and lunch items but they are no longer served on their main breakfast menu.

The company said it will replace the items with fresh produce and other healthy foods.

In the menu, there are a variety of items including a bacon breakfast burrito, omelets, a bacon and egg breakfast sandwich and the chicken fried steak.

Wendys spokesman Scott Crouch said that the company had been trying to make changes to the breakfast menu since it launched the breakfast line in 2006.

The new breakfast menu will be served during the week and at lunch.

Wendy’s said that it will include breakfast items such as bacon, egg, sausage and toast.

It will also include breakfast burritos and omelet sandwiches.

There will also be an assortment of salads and a breakfast sandwich made from lettuce, tomato and avocado.

Wendy’s said it was also looking to create healthier products that would appeal to more consumers.

The company is also adding breakfast sandwiches to its breakfast menu and will introduce a new breakfast burger to the menu.

Wends latest menu update comes just months after Wendy’s parent company, Wendy’s of America Inc, said that sales of the breakfast food line had dropped by 7.3% in 2016 compared to the previous year.

Its the first year since the chain launched that it has been able to report a decrease in revenue, Crouch told Reuters in an interview.

In January, Wendy said that its breakfast business had lost 5.4% of its total sales in 2016.