Hardee’s CEO says his company’s breakfast menu is ‘starkly different’ to other fast food outlets

Hardee Shoppe CEO and co-founder, Chris O’Brien, says the breakfast menu at the fast food chain is starkly different to other breakfast restaurants.

Mr O’Brian said his breakfast menu was designed to be a little bit different to the typical breakfast menu for a lot of reasons.

“It’s a different menu, you get a different amount of cheese, you don’t get the bacon or eggs,” he said.

Hardee’s is aiming to be the first chain to serve its breakfast menu in a traditional manner.

Mr Noyes says it was the decision to change breakfast menus that came about in a very conscious and focused way, with his team working from a lot more ideas.

He said he would be open to changing the menu at any time, as long as he didn’t see the need to alter the quality of the product.

“[It’s] very much about a focus on our guests and our team members,” he told news.com,au.

When asked if he was worried that Hardee might be too closely aligned with McDonalds, he said he wasn’t worried about that.

His goal is to build an excellent business from the ground up.

If Hardee can maintain the success it has seen over the past 10 years, he wants to continue to build relationships with our key customers, such as McDonalds.

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