Breakfast Club: ‘This is not a parody’

Allison Breakfast Club has released a video celebrating the breakfast club’s 50th anniversary, in which the restaurant is featured as the star of a new parody song, which is being released this weekend.

The song, called Breakfast Club, is an allusion to the character Allison in the television series “The Big Bang Theory,” and it has been trending on Twitter since the song was posted Monday.

The video for Breakfast Club comes after the restaurant’s owners, Allison Breakfast Club LLC, released a statement saying they are proud of their accomplishments and are celebrating the club’s “50th anniversary.”

In the video, Allison is seen working in the restaurant as it celebrates its 50th birthday, as a waitress is seen making the famous “Breakfast Club is the best” sign.

The restaurant also appears to be hosting its 50-year anniversary celebration at the end of the video.

The restaurant, which serves breakfast, sandwiches and pastries, also is celebrating its 50 years in business, with a menu that includes a “breakfast sandwich,” “breakfasts” with “Breakfasts,” and “Breakfortime.”

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